and this week too (two)!


I'm starting to feel like I'm at home :) I'm starting to understand the love for Brooklyn vs. Manhattan and it feels rather awesome. This post will be short but sweet and full of cute pictures :) Anyway, I ate some amazing food this week but I also went grocery shopping (finally) and so not as many food adventures this week. The weather has been amazing, I'm sure I'll be tired of it soon enough but so far I love it dearly. It's been lightly raining mixed with incredible sunny/breezy days. This week I also attended the Renegade Art Festival and although it was pouring, I managed to get something out of it.  

My room is for the most part officially done but it's missing more hangers and some small things. I originally had gotten a loft bed with the intention of actually sleeping on the loft but it didn't seem strong enough/when I reached my arm up I'd hit the ceiling/it was WAY too hot. Anyway, it ended up working out, I didn't get the space I had hoped for but I'm still glad to be sleeping on a stable floor vs. a not-so-stable loft.

 My ukulele came in the mail! YAY! And I've officially named her :) She's now known as Lulu (thanks to Sam!). I'm also waiting for more wonderful pieces of my Arizona life to come filtering in, I'm almost home :)

Until next week.

- pvo

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