four months in, still just the beginning.


Oh hi there! It's been a while has it not? So I told myself I'd be doing all kinds of crazy updates but alas, I have not. Although, pictures have arrived in great numbers on my Facebook and that I can be proud of. With that being said, there are still quite a few I haven't shared. Usually just those that are gorgeous and not of food. Anyway, this update will be short but full of incredible pictures. I love it here, all forms of the word love. Lots of things have changed; I think the scariest of all though would be the expectations that weren't met but are now being exceeded. It's been a bit of bumpy ride but what would you expect when you move 2500 miles away.

I'm sometimes homesick like crazy. I miss my family, friends, and old co workers dearly but definitely not the desert. Can everyone just relocate here? That'd be great. Also, could you come in on Saturday?

Let's talk about music for a second. I've performed twice and have done a radio show. Other than that, I've mostly been getting my life back together and trying to rebuild something. It's hard making friends as an adult, I've never known! I have to actually go to meetups to make friends or at least try to be social. I've mostly been working to be honest and trying to pay the bills. Oh and eating lots of yummy foods of course. Also, the walking I hated so much at the beginning? I LOVE it now. It's crazy, I actually want to walk places. Plus the weather is ridiculously enjoyable right now. Mid 60's and low 70's, fall is here and I'm in love with it :)

Oh right, music. There's been some opportunities that I'm toying with. I'll keep you guys updated but this could be promising in a lot of different ways. That's really all I can say for now :)

I have a new place of employment that is rather rad. In fact, it's so rad that I work from home and I do tech support. Yeah, seriously right up my alley :)

Which means I might actually get to get some musics done. I'm stoked!

Also, recently saw the family and went to one of my sister's weddings and holy crap. I didn't realize how much I had actually missed them. Especially the nephews, they're kind of the best thing ever. EVAR.

So here I leave you again, some photos to hold you over but not all of them. If I do another update soon, I promise the pictures will be awesome.

More details and hopefully more updates soon. Cheers.

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