Brooklyn. Week One.

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I won't lie, this first week has been anything but easy. In fact, I'd go as far to say it's been a little crazy and definitely overwhelming. The thing is, it hasn't been the "I-hate-my-life-and-everything-in-it-including-the-delicious-sandwich-I-had-this-morning" type of overwhelming, it's been more like "I-moved-halfway-across-the-country-and-my-life-is-somewhere-in-the-desert-...back-there." I'm definitely feeling all the normal symptoms of a move like this.


Example: walking. WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THE WALKING. You know when you're so excited about something and can barely wait to do something awesome  like RIDE THE SUBWAY (well, that part is super sweet)? Well, you know how while that something is super exciting, awesome, and sweet, you forget a tiny little detail like how my body is not at all used to and/or wasn't prepared to WALK EVERYWHERE. I admit, I've already gotten over it, hahah. But it hurt like hell for like a solid two days. Luckily, I packed just the right amount of shoes to rotate through and managed to get used to it (kinda). However, in all seriousness, I do miss everyone and everything I knew for nine years of my life quite dearly. It's a rollercoaster (literally) not knowing where you're going.


Actually, wanna hear something kind of hilarious? Every time I ride the subway I feel like I'm just on a ride at Disney World. It's still surreal and feels like I'm just on some ride and then when the subway stops, I'll just get off, continue on other rides, then go home (home being Phoenix somewhere). Speaking of just riding a rides, I still feel like I haven't actually moved anywhere, that I'm just on a long vacation for a week or two and then I'll hop on a plane and go home. Oh yeah, still stuck in that. It'll be gone in a few weeks and I'll be here writing about it :)


Anyway, I do also want to share some amazing photos with you guys. OH! And also tell you guys that although I haven't met many people, the people I have recently met are awesome (my three wonderful roomies). and OH! Now that my room is kinda done, I'm feeling more at home. OH YEAH AND IT'S FREAKING HOT. No but seriously, it's hot. Anyway, when I get my AC (finally) all will be well again :)


OH BUT THE FOOD. SO DELICIOUS. Really though, and I have photos to prove it :) I've eaten at so many places... in fact, I'll name some of the more awesome places I've been to... RIGHT NOW.


Oh yeah, OM NOMS. Definitely the incredible part of living in this city. Speaking of "this city," I'm in Brooklyn which is quite a different pace from Manhattan. Honestly, I didn't realize this and well, I was a little thrown off at first because it's a little slower. However, I can say with confidence that I enjoy Brooklyn quite a bit (a week in). I've been told that my love will grow and I don't doubt it. Although, someday I'd love to live in the East Village somewhere :)


My apartment now though, pretty sweet :) I love he view from my room, gorgeous.I can't wait until it's 100% done (and duh you'll get pictures).


And last but not least, anyone new to the city that doesn't have a smart phone, I salute you. My iPhone has been my lifeline and my savior. Serious, I don't know how people do it without some type of smart phone. Specifically though, iPhone has gotten me everywhere :) So thanks le iPhone :)


Overall, I apologize if I haven't exactly been the social butterfly about phone calls or texts from my loved ones but honestly, it's been a whirlwind and I'm just trying to keep my head together. I will get back to you all, I promise :) And also, I'm vlogging all this soon too (or maybe I'll talk about other cool shit) sometime this week.


Until then (or next week), I love you all. Thanks for the support and well, that was week one.

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