"Just Like Clockwork" is now available on iTunes and Amazon!

Hello hello! "Just Like Clockwork" just hit iTunes and the Amazon online awesomeness stores and I'm STOKED. However, you're definitely able to download the album for FREE via this site under "Music and Video." Also! My first EP, "The Stranger With Greensleeves" is up for FREE download as well. If you'd like to support my music otherwise, there'll definitely be a Donate button somewhere around the site at some point.. or rather when I figure it out, hahah. Anyway, download some musics and share the love :)

PS. I'm moving to Brooklyn in less than a week and I'm excited :) See you in New York :) PPS. There's also a B-Track FREE download as well on the "Music and Video" page, don't forget to grab that track too :)

- pvo