Licensing and Composition

All songs are original compositions, written, produced, and performed by Paulina Vo unless otherwise noted.

Project: Here We Wait

Season 1 (2016-2017)

Show Description: Imagine a place where you literally order and are served your last meal before you reach your proverbial final destination beyond the physical world. That place is Here. A dramatic, slice of life, sci-fi web series focused on the interactions between an eclectic waitstaff in purgatory tasked with providing each patron passing through with a positive experience and pleasant sendoff. 'Here' is a place where a job is expected to last for an eternity - until the world and people its employees know begin to fall apart. (IMDb)

Client Wants: Moody, emotional, instrumental and vocal compositions with inspiration from driving rock, R&B, and pop undertones.

Theme Song: "Move On"

Notes: When I was approached to write music for the show, "Move On" came to mind immediately. I had written the song as a draft of a potential reprise of an original song, almost a year prior and knew it would be the perfect fit. During the producing process, I decided to go with a "deeper" bass sound to hopefully illicit an emotional and internal deepening feeling from the viewer. The chords used lean toward rock, indie, and R&B roots while maintaining a pop sound.


Additional Samples Below