Here We Wait EP (2018) - Recorded in Brooklyn, New York

Weekends EP (2016) - Recorded in New York City and Brooklyn, New York

Falling For the Chase (2013) - Recorded in New York City, New York at Smash Studios

Just Like Clockwork (2011) - Recorded in Mesa, Arizona at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Phoenix, Arizona at Lindsay Bair's Vocal Studio

The Stranger with Greensleeves (2009) - Recorded in Orlando, Florida at Joey's Studio

Untitled/Promo EP (2006) - Recorded at home in Mesa, Arizona

SoleKismet EP (2003) - Recorded at home in Chandler, Arizona


Singles, Collaborations, and Music Placement

Silk” - Niko Is, Uniko (2018)

Sour Peach Films, Please (2018)

Starting Over” - Vantú, Single (2018)

Under Arrest” - NYTC, (2018)

We Did Right” - NYTC, (2018)

"Air" - On Her Terms: Women in Film, Episode 5: Lucy Prebble, Playwright & TV Writer (2017)

"say.U.dont" - Niko Is, songs.4.people.who.break.bread, (2017)

"Instead of Us" - #wowapp cypher series with Sirobosi Frawstakwa, Marc Montfleury, & Aaron Knish (2017)

Multihyphenate Productions, Here We Wait (2016 - 2017)

Cosmosis” - Ori Kawa and The Entals (2017)

"Easy Enough (Prod. by Thanks Joey)" - Colours Of The Culture, Roy G Biv: What A Colourful World (2015)

"Begin (Prod. by N Z M)" - N Z M, A Change Has Come (2015)

"Saturday in BK" - Niko Is, Brutus (2015)


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