Site and Music Updates!

Well, well.. I'm back again! And this time, with a plan and intent. 

I've been thinking on my music both aurally and visually for a while. And after months and months of sorting through ideas and hours of endless listening; I've arrived.

A bit of what I've been working on can be found on SoundCloud - specifically songs like "Don't Worry 'Bout We," "Sunday," and "Walk Away" (all demos). These come from the last three years I've spent focusing on more than just guitar and ukulele; the result has been surprising and challenging. The latest from this crop, "Easy Enough" (snippet) produced by the illustrious Thanks Joey, further provided clarity. 

I'm continuing to push through a lot of writer's block and am finding space for creativity. And I'm stoked.

For now, subscribe and stay tuned!

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